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Beauty is inextricably linked to velvety skin and beautiful aromas. Body creams, body butters,petroleum jelly, paraffin, can give silky skin and wonderful smooth feet, hands, even nails.

Model: REVE058 EAN: 5902114889401
DERMO SPA, ARGAN & VANILLA. Body Butter with Argan Oil.  Active regenerating Body Butter enriched with precious argan oil with a high content of vitamin E supports the regeneration of skin cells and has a strongly moisturizing and soothing properties. The Butter slightly greases ..
Model: 739-15 EAN: 5212017806048
PARAFFIN 6220 1kg For hand and feet care..
Model: REVE030 EAN: 5902114887346
DERMO SPA, COCONUT. Body Butter with Coconut Oil.  Nutritional Body Butter actively cares for the skin, firms it, moisturizes and elasticizes it, restoring its extraordinary smoothness and elasticity. Coconut oil actively affects the condition of the epidermis, and its natural intens..
Model: REVE027 EAN: 5902114884000
REGENERATING & SOFTENING FOOT CREAM 200ml Immediate callus reduction. Intensive moisturizing, softening & toning. Provides a relief to tired, heavy feet...
Model: REVE026 EAN: 5902114883997
GLYCERINE HAND & NAIL CREAM Intensive moisturizing and smoothing hand and nail carem for evryday use. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Strengthens the nails and reduces their tendency to splitting and breaking...
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