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A complete routine for the face, which includes proper cleansing and make-up removermoisturizing-nourishing, after shaving products, but also blushpowderymakeup,gives us the right result in makeup and a healthyhydratedglowing skin

Model: REVE097 EAN: 5903416006893
INSTA SKIN CARE by EVELINE COSMETICS. Ultra cleansing nose patches. They will allow you to quickly and thoroughly clean, unblock and visibly narrow the pores. The product formula contains carbon (fights imperfections, blackheads, absorbs excess sebum), silica (prevents excessive skin glow, absorbs e..
Model: REVE096 EAN: 5903416015505
ILLUMINATING COMPRESS HYDROGEL EYE PADS by Eveline Cosmetics. Eye pads. They are made of a special hydrogel material. They have been enriched with filtered snail mucus, baicalin, 24 carat gold and collagen, thanks to which it strongly moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the delicate skin under the e..
Model: REVE095 EAN: 5903416015474
Cooling hydrogel eye pads from Eveline is a cooling compress in the form of pads that reduce dark circles under the eyes and provide a refreshing effect. Active ingredients visibly lighten the shadows under the eyes...
Model: REVE074 EAN: 5901761955293
EXPERT C REGENERATION FINE-GRAINED PEELING 2X5MLMultivitamin 3 in 1 abrasive face scrub for normal and combination skin. Thoroughly cleanses and unblocks the pores. Immediately eliminates the symptoms of fatigue, and makes the skin bright, smooth and radiant.Advanced active ingredients: complex of s..
Model: REVE073 EAN: 5901761982251
BOTANIC EXPERT PUR&MOISTURISING FACE MASK 2X5MLULTRA-REVITALIZING SHEET MASK, soaked with 20ml of a nourishing serum, ensures intense improvement of the skin condition, intensely smoothes, restores radiance to skin and reduces visibility of wrinkles.Use: Carefully apply the mask on cleansed ..
Model: REVE072 EAN: 5901761963144
FACEMED+ MATT DETOX PUR&MATT CARBON MASK 2X5MLPurifying and Mattifying Carbon Mask 8 in 1 for oily and combination skin effectively refreshes, tightens pores and prevents imperfections, leaving skinsilky smooth and matt.ADVANCED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: activated carbon, green clay, Evermat™, MAT..
Model: REVE071 EAN: 5903416000266
 PRESTIGE 24k SNAIL&CAVIAR DAY CREAM 50ML24K Snail & Caviar Luxury line is the new dimension in skin daily care. Exceptional formulas combine the unique properties of caviar, precious 24K Gold, snail slime filtrate and neuropeptides with the revolutionary infusion technology.The Inn..
Model: REVE070 EAN: 5903416000280
PRESTIGE 24k SNAIL&CAVIAR SERUM 18ML EVELINEThe 24k Snail & Caviar luxury line is a new dimension in daily skin care. Its exceptional formula combines the valuable properties of 24k gold, caviar, snail filtrate and neuropeptides with revolutionary infusion technology.The luxurious multi-..
Model: REVE064 EAN: 5901761956634
MEN X-TREME SENSITIVE MOISTURISING CREAM 100ML EVELINE Universal moisturizing cream for men. It has been developed on the basis of a delicate formula, without alcohol, making it ideal for sensitive skin. It contains beneficial active substances such as chamomile extract, aloe, d-panthenol and ..
Model: REVE061 EAN: 5903416000273
Luxurious, deeply refreshing anti-wrinkle night cream.Supports the multidimensional process of hydration and renewal of the skin. Reduces the signs of aging, fills in wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones, moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates, protects and tightens the skin, increases the f..
Model: REVE057 EAN: 5902815168409
Model: REVE045 EAN: 5901761996852
FACE MASK WITH CANNABIS EVELINE-REVERS 7ML  The unique combination of ingredients ensures intensive regeneration with active skin stimulation and restoration of natural radiance, healthy color and the optimal level of hydration...
Model: REVE060 EAN: 5902815180425
SOOTHING ALOE VERA GEL 99% ALOE MULTIFUNCTIONAL FACE AND BODY GEL ALOE VERA EXTRACT – has an anti-inflammatory and strongly moisturising properties. Increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin responsible for skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Helps maintain proper ski..
Model: REVE028 EAN: 5902815168386
REVERS FACE AND BODY CANNABIS CREAM 200mlRevers cannabis face and body cream, is consistently regenerating., especially for dry and sensitive skin coplex. It has soothing finish. The cannabis oil nourishes the skin, restores vitality and gives it energy again...
Model: REVE025 EAN: 5902114883973
ANTI AGING FACE & NECK CREAM REVERS 200ml  Intensive moisturizing and reduces wrinkles. Instantly tenses and smoothens the skin, rejuvenating and refreshing face appearance. Moisturize and revitalizes tired and mature skin...
Model: REVE024 EAN: 5902114883980
ALOE VERA NOURISHING FACE & BODY CREAMIntensive moisturizing & regenerating. Perfectly moisturizes dry skin and soothes irritations. Ideal for senstive skin, makes it smooth, firm and soft to the touch...
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