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Treatments, for rejuvenation of thin, worn, damaged nails with lines. Continuous visits for semi-permanent, acrylic or gel manicures, which do not give our nails the necessary time to breathe and rebuild themselves, can damage them. Suitable treatments for every need, even for cuticles, are now commercially available and can easily be applied alone as a transparent polish, but also as a base or even top of a colored polish.

Model: REVE075 EAN: 5902815102823
SOS NAILS STRONGER NAILS, RESISTANT TO DAMAGE Extremely regenerating conditioner instantly strengthens the nail plate and prevents any damage. Nails become visibly healthier, stronger, thicker, smoother and firmer. Modern restorative formula SOS NAILS regenerates and comprehensively strengthe..
Model: REVE053 EAN: 5902815102793
SALON EXTRA GEL EFFECT  UV REVERS 10 mLTop coat gel effect as in nail salon.The innovative formula of the preparation of the plumping effect, adding extra volume to the nails.The unique formula of the preparation hardens the nail plate, while creatinga shiny protective layer, thanks to which th..
Model: REVE052 EAN: 5902815102816
Enhancer with enriched IN-KERATEX® that helps protect the nail plate from breaking and tearing. Stimulates naturally the growth of nails. The transparent base protects the surface of the nails from external factors and helps extend the life of the nail polish. Its composition contains exclusively pi..
Model: REVE051 EAN: 5902815102762
INSTANT EFFECT 8in1 Express regeneration with ARGAN OIL AND VITAMIN EThe revolutionary formula of the emollient with exotic oils from argan and baobab trees and the natural keratin and vitamin E penetrate into the structure of the nail plate, making it effectively regenerated and rebuilt. Seals, eff..
Model: REVE050 EAN: 5902815102809
Goodbye CuticlesProfessional preparation for quick and safe removal of dry, thick and woody skin around the nails. The modern softening texture prevents the tearing, breaking and growth of the skin on the nail plate. The consistency of the gel has moisturizing properties, thanks to which the prepara..
Model: REVE049 EAN: 5902815102786
NAIL POLISH SPA 2in1 BASE COAT-TOP COAT  REVERS 10mlThe product combines the properties of the base coat and the protective coating with gloss. EASY TO GO 2in1 provides a lasting gel finish and manicure. In addition, the product has a quick-drying formula that fills in the imperfections of the ..
Model: REVE048 EAN: 5902815102779
SPA NAIL RERGENERATION DIAMOND POWER REVERS 10mLINNOVATIVE HARDENING NAIL SERUM WITH MICRODIAMONDS.The modern formula of the serum forms on the surface of the nail a hard coating, resistant to damage and very shiny.Instantly improves the appearence and condition of the nails, making them healthier. ..
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