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After the proper hydration of the facial skin, we proceed to the makeup that always starts from the face. Base, makeup, contouring, blush, highlighting, powdering and fix. Now the products are many and necessary for an even result that will make us stand out.

Model: 25-009-B
Model: 25-009-A
Model: REVE101 EAN: 5902114887742
MINERAL CORRECTING BASE. Correcting base against redness and skin imperfections. The skin becomes smooth, while couperose and enlarged pores are less visible. Light texture is easy to apply and leaves the skin moisturized and matt. It facilitates the application of the fluid base and lengthens the m..
Model: REVE078 EAN: 5902114880569
Powder RISE DERMA FIXERRice powder fixes all kinds of make-up, stage make-up included. Good for oily skin with a tendency to shine during the day and for all other skin types for a mattifying finish. It optically smoothes your skin and gives it a fresh and healthy look. A must—have for every make—up a..
Model: REVE016 EAN: 5902114882556
XL COMPACT POWDER REVERS 8g XL matting compact powder can be applied for instant fixes throughout the day, without concerns for making make-up too heavy. A light, silky consistency of the powder comfortably distributes over the skin, delicately blending with it, without the effect of “mask”. ..
Model: REVE040 EAN: 5902114884611
EGYPTIAN BRONZING SUN POWDER 7,5gr  REVERS Egyptian Sun Bronzing Compact Powder available in a wide universal color range provides a long-lasting effect of impeccably smooth skin and at the same time a perfect make-up finish. A light formula allows skin to breathe without a feeling of he..
Model: REVE023 EAN: 5902114888626
CONSEALER 10ml REVERSThe corrective concealer hides any skin imperfections and dark circles under the eyes in the best way and without making the skin heavy. Gives a new and relaxing look. Thanks to the creamy texture and the high level of coverage, it perfectly matches the skin tone. The corrector ..
Model: REVE015 EAN: 5902114883126
LONG LASTING COVER FOUNDATION-MAKE UP LONG LASTING REVERSLONG LASTING COVER FOUNDATION becomes one with the tone of your skin and gives a natural look, without clogging the pores. Provides a silky finish, smoothing the skin and smoothing out any imperfections. Moisturizing - nourishing recipe that h..
Model: REVE010 EAN: 5902114889494
Mineral Pure BlushThanks to its extremely light, velvety texture, Mineral Pure Blush emphasizes the cheekbones and gives the skin a fresher look. The blush spreads perfectly and leaves no imperfections or smudges. Deep and long lasting shades illuminate all skin types...
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Model: ΚΑΛ0072-101
PARIS MEMORIES powder rouge with ALMOND OIL. It adds glow at your cheeks, and shows your skin perfect and healthy. Available in four shades...
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